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1 WOS:000333664000006 A Matlab toolbox for positive fractional time derivative modeling of arbitrarily frequency-dependent viscosity JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND CONTROL 1077-5463 2014 蔡伟  陈文  张晓棣
2 WOS:000311431600013 A micromechanics model for predicting the stress-strain relations of filled elastomers COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE   2013 姜云鹏
4 WOS:000342651300004 A Simple Locking-Alleviated 4-Node Mixed-Collocation Finite Element with Over-Integration, for Homogeneous or Functionally-Graded or Thick-Section Laminated Composite Beams CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA 1546-2218 2014 董雷霆  El-Gizawy, Ahmed S Juhany, Khalid A.Atluri, Satya N.
5 WOS:000333788100010 An ACA accelerated MFS for potential problems ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 0955-7997 2014 魏星  陈文  陈彬
6 WOS:000331352000008 Analysis of plane Couette shear test of granular media in a Cosserat continuum approach MECHANICS OF MATERIALS 0167-6636 2014 黄文雄
7 WOS:000328730200026 Atomistic Simulations on the Mechanical Behavior of Cu Nanowires with Twin Boundaries JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND THEORETICAL NANOSCIENCE 1546-1955 2014 田霞  崔俊芝  余新刚
8 WOS:000340854900018 Attack of Limestone Cement-based Material Exposed to Magnesium Sulfate Solution at Low Temperature JOURNAL OF WUHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY-MATERIALS SCIENCE EDITION 1000-2413 2014 张风臣  吴胜兴  方永浩  周继凯 李中华
9 WOS:000335975100008 Bending vibration band structure of phononic crystal beam by modified transfer matrix method INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B 0217-9792 2014 倪志强 张研 蒋林华 韩林
10 WOS:000340095000006 Bonding characteristics of the Al2O3-metal composite coating fabricated onto carbon steel by combustion synthesis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINERALS METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 1674-4799 2014 薛晓峰 王泽华 周泽华
11 WOS:000331386700003 Bridge fatigue life prediction using Mittag-Leffler distribution FATIGUE & FRACTURE OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS & STRUCTURES 8756-758X 2014 梁英杰、 陈文
12 WOS:000336822300014 Burton-Miller-type singular boundary method for acoustic radiation and scattering JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION 0022-460X 2014 傅卓佳,陈文,谷岩(学子)
13 WOS:000333051500016 Cavitation Erosion Resistance of Fe-Based Amorphous/Nanocrystal Coatings Prepared by High-Velocity Arc Spraying JOURNAL OF THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY 1059-9630 2014 王泽华、张旋
14 WOS:000339692600054 Characterization of electrochemical and passive behaviour of Alloy 59 in acid solution ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 0013-4686 2014 骆鸿,高书君,董超芳,李晓刚
15 WOS:000338974400001 Computational Methods in Engineering: A Variety of Primal & Mixed Methods, with Global & Local Interpolations, for Well-Posed or Ill-Posed BCs CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES 1526-1492 2014 董雷霆 Alotaibi, A.Mohiuddine, S. A.Atluri, S. N.
16 WOS:000335654300009 Concentration-dependent crystal structure, elastic constants and electronic structure of ZrxTi1-x alloys under high pressure FRONTIERS OF PHYSICS 2095-0462 2014 苑晓丽 薛米安 陈文 安天庆
17 WOS:000336277600015 Crack detection in beams in noisy conditions using scale fractal dimension analysis of mode shapes SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES 0964-1726 2014 白润波  Ostachowicz, W.曹茂森苏众庆
18 WOS:000344575400006 Crack location in beams by data fusion of fractal dimension features of laser-measured operating deflection shapes SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS 1738-1584 2014 白润波 宋学官 Radzienski, M.曹茂森 Ostachowicz
19 WOS:000328741100006 Damage detection in plates using two-dimensional directional Gaussian wavelets and laser scanned operating deflection shapes STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 1475-9217 2013 徐炜 Radzienski,MaciejOstachowicz, Wieslaw 曹茂森
20 WOS:000331416300001 Damage identification for beams in noisy conditions based on Teager energy operator-wavelet transform modal curvature JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION 0022-460X 2014 曹茂森、徐炜Ostachowicz Wieslaw苏众庆
21 WOS:000333423900046 Designing and compression behaviors of ductile hierarchical pyramidal lattice composites MATERIALS & DESIGN 0261-3069 2014 范华林,曲占新,夏志成,孙方方
22 WOS:000331501300014 Determination of overlapping degree of interfacial layers around polydisperse ellipsoidal particles in particulate composites PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 0378-4371 2014 许文祥,陈文,陈惠苏(外),田霞,赵海涛
23 WOS:000329596100091 Devitrification of arc-sprayed FeBSiNb amorphous coatings: Effects on wear resistance and mechanical behavior SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 0257-8972 2013 程江波 梁秀兵 徐滨士
24 WOS:000337933700001 Differential Quadrature and Cubature Methods for Steady-State Space-Fractional Advection-Diffusion Equations CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES 1526-1492 2014 庞国飞  陈文 佘锦炎
25 WOS:000330684700004 Dynamic compression failure mechanisms and dynamic effects of integrated woven sandwich composites JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS 0021-9983 2014 范华林 赵龙 陈海龙 郑晶晶 黄世清 叶晨炫 蒋一帆
26 WOS:000334838100001 Dynamic Crack Analysis in Isotropic/Orthotropic Media via Extended Isogeometric Analysis MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING 1024-123X 2014 余天堂 来永玲 尹硕辉
27 WOS:000341866200001 Effect of crystal silica on thermal conductivity of elastic encapsulant JOURNAL OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 0095-2443 2014 申明霞 韩永芹
28 WOS:000342916600010 Effect of crystallisation on electrochemical properties of arc sprayed FeNiCrBSiNbW coatings SURFACE ENGINEERING 0267-0844 2014 林尽染 王泽华
29 WOS:000337146600158 Effect of curing temperature on setting time, strength development and microstructure of alkali activated slag cement MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS 1432-8917 2014 顾亚敏 方永浩 龚泳帆 闫玉蓉 朱晨辉
30 WOS:000335548900007 Effect of montmorillonite on moisture resistance of the rubber-modified phenolic on fiberglass JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS 0021-9983 2014 申明霞 段鹏鹏
31 WOS:000331677700042 Effect of multi-pass equal channel angular pressing on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg97.1Zn1Gd1.8Zr0.1 alloy MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING 0921-5093 2014 卢富敏 马爱斌 江静华 杨东辉 宋丹 袁玉春 陈婧
32 WOS:000331989900024 Effect of Nb addition on the structure and mechanical behaviors of CoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy coatings SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 0257-8972 2014 程江波 梁秀兵 徐滨士
33 WOS:000333259400036 Effect of Spray Parameters on the Corrosion Behavior of HVOF Sprayed WC-Co-Cr Coatings JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE 1059-9495 2014 洪晟 吴玉萍 郑玉贵 王博 高文文 李改叶 应国兵 林尽染
34 WOS:000344989800092 Effects of Ba-O codoping on the photocatalytic activities of Ta3N5 photocatalyst: a DFT study RSC ADVANCES 2046-2069 2014 王家佳 马爱斌 李朝升 江静华 冯建勇 邹志刚
35 WOS:000330989600010 Effects of Crystallization on the Corrosion Resistance of Arc-Sprayed FeBSiNb Coatings JOURNAL OF THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY 1059-9630 2014 程江波,梁秀兵(外单位),徐滨士(外单位)
36 WOS:000327328700001 Efficient CUDA Polynomial Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver for Finite Element Computation of Elasticity Problems MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING 1024-123X 2013 张健飞,张磊(外单位)
37 WOS:000327691300055 Electrochemical corrosion properties of the surface layer produced by supersonic fine-particles bombarding on low-carbon steel SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY   2013 张留艳 马爱斌 江静华
38 WOS:000334415200022 Evaluation research on applicability of rapid iodide migration test JOURNAL OF WUHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY-MATERIALS SCIENCE EDITION 1000-2413 2014 宋子健 蒋林华 储洪强 熊传胜
39 WOS:000335019200001 Experimental and Numerical Study on Tensile Strength of Concrete under Different Strain Rates SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL 1537-744X 2014 闵凡路 姚占虎 姜腾
40 WOS:000331305600001 Experimental and Theoretical Research on the Compression Performance of CFRP Sheet Confined GFRP Short Pipe SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL 1537-744X 2014 李峰 赵启林 陈立 邵国建
41 WOS:000335097600030 Experimental study on impact resistance and mechanical characteristics of low-temperature sintered Al2O3-ZrO2 composites with anti-sandwich structure POWDER TECHNOLOGY 0032-5910 2014 周泽华 王泽华 易于 兰俊思 江少群 王刚
42 WOS:000341736200016 Fabrication and Characterization of Thermal-Sprayed Fe-Based Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Composite Coatings: An Overview JOURNAL OF THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY 1059-9630 2014 郭文敏 吴玉萍 张建峰 洪晟 李改叶 应国兵郭稷 秦玉娇
43 WOS:000328308200002 Fast Boundary Knot Method for Solving Axisymmetric Helmholtz Problems with High Wave Number CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES 1526-1492 2013 林继 陈文 陈清祥 姜欣荣
44 WOS:000332128400011 Ferroelectric properties in Mn-modified BiFeO3-BaTiO3 ceramics FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS LETTERS 1793-6047 2014 戴中华 秋重幸邦
45 WOS:000328234300041 Filter cake formation for slurry shield tunneling in highly permeable sand TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY 0886-7798 2013 闵凡路,朱伟 韩晓瑞
46 WOS:000327533300013 First-principles study of structural, elastic, electronic, magnetic and thermoproperties of Ni2ZrX (X = Sn, Sb) Heusler alloys under pressure COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE   2014 苑晓丽,薛米安,陈文,安天庆
47 WOS:000331359400007 Flexural failure mechanisms of three-dimensional woven textile sandwich panels: Experiments JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS 0021-9983 2014 范华林 陈海龙 赵龙 周健南 金丰年 郑晶晶 匡宁
48 WOS:000340392200009 Formation of M (n+1)AX (n) phases in Ti-Cr-Al-C systems by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis RARE METALS 1001-0521 2014 应国兵 赫晓东 杜善义 朱春城 郑永挺 吴玉萍 王乘
49 WOS:000334313500025 Formation of profuse long period stacking ordered microcells in Mg-Gd-Zn-Zr alloy during multipass ECAP process JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 0925-8388 2014 卢富敏 马爱斌 江静华 杨东辉 袁玉春 张留艳
50 WOS:000327696300027 Fractal mechanism for characterizing singularity of mode shape for damage detection APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS (影响因子:3.794) 0003-6951 2013 曹茂森 白润波
51 WOS:000326210700039 Fractional time-dependent deformation component models for characterizing viscoelastic Poisson's ratio EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MECHANICS A-SOLIDS 0997-7538 2013 殷德顺
52 WOS:000327697800014 Free transverse vibration in periodically hinged identical beams on
elastic foundations: a single material phononic crystal
53 WOS:000340222400005 Free vibration behaviors of carbon fiber reinforced lattice-core sandwich cylinder COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 0266-3538 2014 张赫方方 范华林 陈浩森 陈立明 方岱宁
54 WOS:000329118700034 High-velocity oxygen-fuel spray parameter optimization of nanostructured WC-10Co-4Cr coatings and sliding wear behavior of the optimized coating MATERIALS & DESIGN 0261-3069 2014 洪晟 吴玉萍 王博 郑玉贵高文文 李改叶
55 WOS:000335637700016 Identification of multiple damage in beams based on robust curvature mode shapes MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 0888-3270 2014 曹茂森、Radzienski, Maciej 徐炜Ostachowicz, Wieslaw(
56 WOS:000333728600049 Improved corrosion resistance in simulated concrete pore solution of surface nanocrystallized rebar fabricated by wire-brushing CORROSION SCIENCE 0010-938X 2014 宋丹 马爱斌 孙伟 蒋金洋 江静华 杨东辉 郭光辉
57 WOS:000333003300008 Improved singular boundary method for elasticity problems COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES 0045-7949 2014 谷岩 陈文 何晓乔
58 WOS:000334010800003 Influence of carbonation on chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in simulated concrete pore solutions CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 0950-0618 2014 刘蓉 蒋林华 徐金霞 熊传胜 宋子健
59 WOS:000337146600150 Investigation on alkali activated recycled cement mortar powder cementitious material MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS 1432-8917 2014 龚泳帆 方永浩 闫玉蓉 承礼清
60 WOS:000329400700036 Investigations on the deformation mechanisms of single-crystalline Cu nanowires under bending and torsion COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE 0927-0256 2014 田霞 崔俊芝 张超波 马志东 万睿 张琪
61 WOS:000343838900014 Isogeometric locking-free plate element: A simple first order shear deformation theory for functionally graded plates COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 0263-8223 2014 尹硕辉 哈雷杰克 余天堂 裴廷国 博德斯斯德芬
62 WOS:000343725100005 Kinetics and numerical simulation of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis in Ti-Cr-Al-C systems RARE METALS 1001-0521 2014 应国兵 赫晓东杜善义 郑永挺 朱春城 吴玉萍 王乘
63 WOS:000331723100031 Mechanical properties and precipitate behavior of Mg-9Al-1Zn alloy processed by equal-channel angular pressing and aging JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 0925-8388 2014 袁玉春 马爱斌 江静华 孙妍 卢富敏 张留艳 宋丹
64 WOS:000335638300001 Mechanism of complicated volume deformation in polymers and its fractional time-based description PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 0378-4371 2014 殷德顺
65 WOS:000342014200001 Mesoscopic Numerical Simulation of Stratified Rock Failure Using Digital Image Processing ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1687-8132 2014 李昂 邵国建 余天堂 丁胜勇
66 WOS:000333829100011 Microstructural characterisation and microhardness distribution of HVOF sprayed WC-10Co-4Cr coating SURFACE ENGINEERING 0267-0844 2014 洪晟 吴玉萍 高文文 王博 郭文敏 林尽染
67 WOS:000331989900059 Microstructure and cavitation erosion behavior of FeNiCrBSiNbW coating prepared by twin wires arc spraying process SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 0257-8972 2014 林尽染 王泽华
68 WOS:000337048800012 Microstructure and corrosion behaviour of Mg-2Gd-1Y-1Zn-0.2Zr (at-%) alloy processed by equal channel angular pressing CORROSION ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1478-422X 2014 江静华 印玲玲 卢富敏 马爱斌 宋丹 张留艳 杨东辉 陈建清
69 WOS:000330989600006 Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Fe-Based Coatings Prepared by Twin Wires Arc Spraying Process JOURNAL OF THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY 1059-9630 2014 林尽染 王泽华
70 WOS:000329596100074 Microstructure and electrochemical properties of nanostructured WC-10Co-4Cr coating prepared by HVOF spraying SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 0257-8972 2013 洪晟 吴玉萍 郑玉贵(外) 王博 高文文 林尽染
71 WOS:000340688200001 Modeling of chloride diffusion in concrete immersed in CaCl2 and NaCl solutions with account of multi-phase reactions and ionic interactions CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 0950-0618 2014 宋子健 蒋林华 储洪强 熊传胜 刘蓉 游渌棽
72 WOS:000330614400050 Modeling of soft interfacial volume fraction in composite materials with complex convex particles JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 0021-9606 2014 许文祥 陈文 陈惠苏
73 WOS:000328100600018 Modeling Study of the Valid Apparent Interface Thickness in Particulate Materials with Ellipsoidal Particles INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 0888-5885 2013 许文祥 陈惠苏 陈文 田霞 赵海涛
74 WOS:000336215300026 Multi-Objective Structural Optimization Design of Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Blades Using the Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II and Finite Element Method ENERGIES 1996-1073 2014 朱杰 蔡新 潘盼 顾荣蓉
75 WOS:000329181500019 Numerical Evaluation of High-Order Modes for Stepped Beam JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND ACOUSTICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME 1048-9002 2014 徐炜 曹茂森 任青文 苏众庆
76 WOS:000328528300004 Numerical solution of fractional telegraph equation by using radial basis functions ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 0955-7997 2014 Hosseini, Vahid Reza 陈文  Avazzadeh, Zakieh
77 WOS:000336403800007 Numerical Studies of Thermally Induced Residual Strain/Stress in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox/Ag/Ag Alloy Composite Tapes and the Dependence of Material Properties on the Temperature JOURNAL OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND NOVEL MAGNETISM 1557-1939 2014 张朝霞 陈文 苟晓凡
78 WOS:000337011600012 Numerical treatment of acoustic problems with boundary singularities by the singular boundary method JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION 0022-460X 2014 林继 陈文 陈清祥
79 WOS:000333506500008 On elastic-plastic fracture behavior of a bi-layered composite plate with a sub-interface crack under mixed mode loading COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING 1359-8368 2014 易大可 肖中明 谭松客 樊牧
80 WOS:000328176900041 Optimizing the strength and ductility of AZ91 Mg alloy by ECAP and subsequent aging MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING 0921-5093 2013 袁玉春 马爱斌 江静华 芦富敏 简炜炜 宋丹 朱允田
81 WOS:000333633200043 Performance assessment of natural frequencies in characterizing cracks in beams in noisy conditions JOURNAL OF VIBROENGINEERING 1392-8716 2014 曹茂森 宋学官 徐炜 苏众庆 朱伟东
82 WOS:000328954900012 Prediction of transport behaviors of particulate composites considering microstructures of soft interfacial layers around ellipsoidal aggregate particles SOFT MATTER 1744-683X 2014 许文祥 陈惠苏 陈文 蒋林华
83 WOS:000341819100001 Preparation and electrochemical performances of hexacyanoferrate-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) hydrogel HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERS 0954-0083 2014 韩永芹 郭义 申明霞 段鹏鹏 袁宗阳 张明礼
84 WOS:000344998100006 Sensing application in the precursor region of localized corrosion by scanning electrochemical microscopy RSC ADVANCES 2046-2069 2014 骆鸿 董超芳 高书君 杜翠薇 肖葵 李晓刚
85 WOS:000319954900001 SGBEM Voronoi Cells (SVCs), with Embedded Arbitrary-Shaped Inclusions, Voids, and/or Cracks, for Micromechanical Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA 111 2013 董雷霆
86 WOS:000328291000008 Significantly changed intergranular corrosion and exfoliation corrosion behavior of the ultra-fine grained Al-5 mass% Cu alloy fabricated by ECAP MATERIALS AND CORROSION-WERKSTOFFE UND KORROSION 0947-5117 2013 宋丹 马爱斌 江静华 林萍华 卢富敏,张留艳
87 WOS:000337593100003 Singular boundary method for inverse heat conduction problems in general anisotropic media INVERSE PROBLEMS IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 1741-5977 2014 谷岩 陈文 傅卓佳
88 WOS:000337777200012 Singular boundary method for modified Helmholtz equations ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 0955-7997 2014 陈文 张今阳 傅卓佳
89 WOS:000342650900004 Singular Boundary Method: Three Regularization Approaches and Exterior Wave Applications CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES 1526-1492 2014 傅卓佳 陈文 陈正宗 屈文镇
91 WOS:000345241900038 Structural dynamics-guided hierarchical neural-networks scheme for locating and quantifying damage in beam-type structures JOURNAL OF VIBROENGINEERING 1392-8716 2014 丁之春(学子)、曹茂森、贾海磊、潘力霞)、徐浩
92 WOS:000343844700031 Study of vibration characteristic of phononic crystals flexible mechanical arms OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS-RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 1842-6573 2014 亢学玮(学子),张研,蒋林华,韩林,储洪强,朱乔
93 WOS:000329629500001 Study on the Macromesoscopic Yield Criterion of Concrete Material ADVANCES IN CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS 1687-8108 2013 夏晓舟,章青,蒋群,肖建强
94 WOS:000328667300067 Synthesis of FeBSiNb Metallic Glass Thick Coatings by Wire arc Spray Processing RARE METAL MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING 1002-185X 2013 程江波,梁秀兵(外单位),王泽华,徐滨士(外单位)
95 WOS:000328376100001 The Numerical Simulation of the Crack Elastoplastic Extension Based on the Extended Finite Element Method MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING 1024-123X 2013 夏晓舟,章青,王红,蒋群
96 WOS:000337777200016 The singular boundary method: Mathematical background and application in orthotropic elastic problems ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 0955-7997 2014 谷岩(学子);陈文; 傅卓佳; 张博(外单位人员)
97 WOS:000328659400067 Theoretical estimation for the volume fraction of interfacial layers around convex particles in multiphase materials POWDER TECHNOLOGY 0032-5910 2013 许文祥 陈惠苏 陈文 朱志刚
98 WOS:000332488000019 Time-based fractional longitudinal-transverse strain model for viscoelastic solids MECHANICS OF TIME-DEPENDENT MATERIALS 1385-2000 2014 殷德顺
99 WOS:000335272100013 Transient thermal shock fracture analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric materials by the extended finite element method INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES 0020-7683 2014 刘鹏 余天堂 裴廷国 张传增 徐业鹏
100 WOS:000327762600028 Transverse vibration bandgaps in phononic-crystal Euler beams on a Winkler foundation studied by a modified transfer matrix method PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS 0370-1972 2013 张研 韩林 蒋林华
101 WOS:000340321300067 Tribological characteristics in dry friction environment of Zirconia-Alumina composites with or without layered structure CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL 0272-8842 2014 周泽华 王泽华 易于 兰俊思 江少群 王刚
102 WOS:000335669100009 Two general algorithms for nearly singular integrals in two dimensional anisotropic boundary element method COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS 0178-7675 2014 谷岩 陈文 张博 屈文镇
103 WOS:000340491900013 Two-dimensional elasticity solution for bending of functionally graded beams with variable thickness MECCANICA 0025-6455 2014 徐业鹏 余天堂 周町
104 WOS:000342871300020 Ultra-light CRH wind deflector fabricated by woven lattice sandwich composites COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 0266-3538 2014 张赫 匡宁 孙方方 范华林 王晓文
105 WOS:000331507700005 Use of a variable-index fractional-derivative model to capture transient dispersion in heterogeneous media JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY 0169-7722 2014 孙洪广 张勇 陈文 瑞威
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